Dubai Day Tours

There is no better way to see all the main attractions of Dubai than on a Dubai city tour. The city has everything from stunning skyscrapers and cultural landmarks to amazing shopping malls and vibrant nightlife. You must experience the Dubai Helicopter Tour as it's impossible to compare seeing a city from the sky to seeing it from the ground. You will be able to take a helicopter tour for up to 25 minutes and see everything from the Golden Mile to the Burj Al Arab from the air. You'll fly over the Persian Gulf, over the World Islands, and even over the coast of the Persian Gulf. Make sure you take the Dubai Helicopter Tour if you want to see Dubai like many others won't.

Another option is to take Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour, with this you will visit all of Dubai's interesting spots. The ride makes 39 stops, so you can choose which sites you want to explore and which ones you want to pass by. This tour takes you to the biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall, as well as the souks. Dubai Wonder bus Tour includes an amphibious bus, which travels on both land and water, by the creek so you can admire the sights of Dubai. It is an exciting tour designed to introduce you to the amazing city of Dubai with stops to check out local hotspots like the Al Fahidi Fort, spice market, gold souk, and more. Discover the crown jewel of the UAE with a well-experienced guide on board.